Sunday, February 23, 2014

Time for Coffee

One thing Central America is famous for, is its coffee! Many coffee bars in the Western world sell coffee or beans from Guatemala, El Salvador or Costa Rica.

As a coffee lover, one thing on my list was visiting a coffee farm to know where it originally comes from and how it ends up in my cup :)

In Antigua, Guatemala, we visited a farm, where we learned about the full process: from picking the 'fruits' on the coffee plants, to the peeling and drying and export of the beans. Thanks to the homegrown coffee, Central America is full of nice coffee shops and cheap or free coffee can be found everywhere. We wanted to visit another farm in Costa Rica but that was insanely expensive and touristy, so we skipped that option.

 Yes.. our coffee comes from these plants!

Hand-picked :)

 Drying of coffee beans - I just want to jump in

The coffee got us HYPED UP!

In Costa Rica we found this coffee shop with coffee plants in their frontyard!