Saturday, March 1, 2014

From the 3rd world to the 1st world in an hour

On our way to Trinidad & Tobago, where we were going to celebrate Carnaval, we made a 2-night stopover in Curacao. What a change! 

We almost got used to the chaos of giant holes in the road, cold water showers and extremely loud traffic. But in Curacao, although only an hour from Central America, it's a completely different story: the roads are in perfect condition; there are female bus drivers; everything in our bathroom was working and you can flush the toilet paper; the paint jobs on the houses are picturesque; and no more street dogs walking and barking around. Its Dutch influence was very clear, from the blue road signs to stores that close at 18:00 sharp. If you walk around at night, you might think you’re in a quiet Dutch town on a hot summer night.

During our 2½ days here ,we went for a nice dive with a guy who set up a dive shop with his twin brother, called twin divers. The bay we went diving was called “Directors’ bay”, the name is because the queen has swim there before. The most amazing part of the dive is we saw hundreds of blue fish swimming around us. After the dive, we visited some beaches, walked around and had a delicious kroket on the street J